Resources to Help Children After the Las Vegas Shooting

Dear Bush Community,
My first thought after waking to the tragic news of another mass shooting—this time in Las Vegas, NV—was “how many times can my heart break?” I lay immobile, feeling despondent and helpless. My plans for the morning—a run, coffee with the parent of an alum, and preparing for a series of meetings with faculty, parents, and the new Academic Dean—were put on hold as I walked down the hall to my children’s room and watched as they slumbered—oblivious to the death toll, speculation about and profiles of the alleged shooter, and journalists, first responders, and police officers searching for an explanation that might account for at least fifty-eight lives lost prematurely and senselessly. Watching the covers rise and fall with each breath was a comfort.

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Lifelong Learning and Parent Education

Dear Bush Community,
“The most important factor in any school is the teacher.” —Helen Taylor Bush

One of the pleasures of working in a K-12 school is watching the growth, progress, and maturation of the children in our care; from the timid Kindergarten student exploring letters, sounds, words, and meanings, to the intrepid Twelfth Grade student solving a complex math problem and sharing her discovery with her classmates. As teachers, we relish observing students unlock the mysteries of the world around them.

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Living A Good Life: Convocation Speech 2017

Welcome back.

So…what took you guys so long?

You see, this is what I love about today. A gathering of our community, our students filled with anticipation for the days, weeks and year ahead. A real sense of optimism mixed with some trepidation and anxiety. Our faculty and staff still with bountiful energy, ready to begin the rhythm, frenzy, and chaos that is the school year, eager to re-connect with and get to know your children.

Parents, guardians, and family members—some of whom are new to The Bush School—I see you watching hopefully and curiously at the group gathered here, some with tears poised to fall as they imagine saying good-bye for to their child.

I didn’t say whether those were tears of sadness…or joy…

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Welcome Back.

Dear Bush community,

The presence of students around campus—visiting with faculty, training with their athletic teams, nervously poking their heads into classrooms—is all the indication we need that summer is officially over. Selfishly, I have been awaiting this day for weeks. We truly miss you when you’re not here; summer is lonely without the energy, movement, and laughter of your children on campus.

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