Jersey Dinners

When I first arrived the first thing I did was go to the Sumerset Diner… So it seems only fitting that the last thing I do is go to a diner as well.

Diner are a wonderful beautiful thing and I’m sad we don’t have more of them on the west coast. Thats one of the only things that RPS students said would hold them back from moving to the west coast…. the lack of diners. †hey are packed full of omelets, all kinds of french toast and waffles, ladkahs, different sorts of Benedicts, burnt coffee and  sweet juices. Even just talking about it now is making my stomach growl and my heart miss Jersey.

Oh one thing I am very excited about is the prospects of my friends form Jersey doing the network program and coming to Bush!!! I miss them all so much and it would be great to show them around my city after them showing me around theirs.

Last Night

Last edited by tenzin.crowley on May 15, 2016 at 4:32 pmFor my last night In New Jersey all of my new friends surprised me with a going away party. The first thing we did was go bowling. I haven’t gone blowing in so long and although I bowled an absolutely horrible score no one teased me. Every time I threw a gutter ball they would all cheer and high five me and support me. Sean was trying to do trick shots and Haley threw every ball like a “grandma with a broken hip”.
After bowling we all went and got food. This is when I discovered my favorite part of New jersey…. their Bollywood music station. And they don’t just have one…. they have like 6. We were all dancing to crazy Bollywood music in awful New Jersey traffic.
Im so sad to leave…. Everyone is teasing saying that I should just transfer next year haha…. i honestly wish that was an option

Day Ten

It’s almost time for me to return to Seattle and I am incredibly sad about it. I have made so many new friends and it will be hard to say goodbye. My second to last day at GFS was good though. First I had a free followed by health and another free. Then I had lunch where I witnessed more promposals and ate outside. After lunch I had art and then math. However, math was a little stressful because the class has a big test tomorrow. Once math was over Toby’s dad picked us both up from school so we didn’t have to take the train. Since school ended so early Toby and I ate lunch at one of Sophie’s dad’s restaurants called Continental. We ate sandwiches and they were amazing! From Continental we walked home and it was actually quite pleasant because it was warm out. We also saw lots of Penn medical students that just graduated and were wearing their gowns. When we arrived home Toby studied for math and I watched Chopped and relaxed. For dinner we talked about my favorite moments and Philly while we ate pizza and salad.


Here at RPS prom week is approaching. The anticipation is clearly building as proposals  happen daily and the prom committee (which all of my new friends are part of) frantically plan every aspect. Although Prom is a big deal back home it doesn’t feel the same. Here the two things I’ve heard most of are AP’s and Prom. I find it interesting how something so huge at one school is simply something ordinary at another.

Part of me wishes that Prom was a little more the stereotypical experience with the Prom King and Queen like how they have at Rutgers. But when ever I think this I remember that the reason why I love Bush is because it does break the mold. Although Bush is small we shine in our individuality. It has a special light that I’ve never seen anywhere else and Im going to miss that when I graduate.


The sun finale came out today in Woodbridge New Jersey. For the entirety of my trip its been stereotypical Seattle weather: grey, cold, kinda rainy. But I have to say that the sun really does brighten everyones day. On campus teachers and students seem happier, the campus lighter and brighter and the world just seems to smile.

Although I already found New Jersey to be beautiful this wonderful weather has aloud me to see the true beauty of Rutgers Prep.

Because of the sun we were able toe at outside on the large sprawling quad that reminds me of the Upper school lawn or middle school court yard. On the turf felid students played ultimate frisbee and threw lacrosse balls. It was such a wonderful blend of homey familiarity and exciting new experiences brightened my day.

Day Nine

Today was very fun and I got to see more of the city. The morning was very relaxing because I had two frees and then the all school assemble where they performed a section from Fiddler On The Roof. I was very impressed because the singing, acting, and set were all amazing, especially for a high school production. This was very different from Bush play since we don’t do musicals. Then we had lunch followed by drama. They have a short play festival coming up so they had to work on that. Then we had history and chemistry.

Burger and shake from Shake Shack

Burger and shake from Shake Shack

In chemistry we did another fun lab that I got to be apart of! Then Toby had a meeting about her junior project and we took the train home. For dinner we went to the infamous Shake Shack, which isn’t in Washington so I was very excited to try it! It was amazing and I can’t wait to go back sometime. Then since Toby had a lot of work to do and a girl from GFS named Sophie didn’t have any she wanted to show me a little bit more of the city. Toby was totally on board with this plan since she didn’t want me to wait at home while she did work. When I arrived at Sophie’s she showed me around her house and then we decided to go walk around Philly. First we walked around south street which was very different from the rest of the city. Then we continued to walk around, eat frozen yogurt, look at stores, and she showed me some of the restaurants her dad owns. After walking around for a bit we saw that the Chinese Lantern Festival was going on so we decided to go in since it was only $10. It was very beautiful and I was amazed with all the lights. After seeing all the lights and lanterns we walked back to Sophie’s house and Toby picked me up.

Entrance to the Chinese Lantern Festival

Entrance to the Chinese Lantern Festival


Today was the St. Matheus Carnival in Woodbridge New Jersey. It was fully equip with funnel cake, rides and a host of small screaming children. I went with my new friends Holly, Sierra, and Alexia. The event happens every year and its used to raise money for the church.

At the faire there was a host of different rides. One that spun you, one that dropped you, one that spun you backwards (!) and we of course tried all of them. The highlight of my entire night was stumbling off the “Danger Zone” too dizzy to walk straight and tripping over our own legs as we ran to our next adventure.

Although we do have fairs and parties similar to this Ive never been to something exactly like it. It was new and interesting and exciting! Its moments like this that I am going to miss after my final week here.

Day Eight

Today was another successful day in Philadelphia. First we had chemistry followed by two frees, and lunch. I sat in the library during my frees and worked on my essay because Toby had to meet with her advisor about her junior project. After lunch we had math where we learned about direct and inverse variation. Then we had history where we finished talking about the punic wars. And finally we had art. I was impressed by how well all of the GFS paintings turned out. Toby and I also saw two more promposals today! After an exciting day we took the train home and I relaxed while Toby worked on homework. Then we ate pasta for dinner and watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians. I’m super sad that I have to return to Seattle in a short three days.


The hardest part about traveling is staying healthy and remaining connected to the place your visiting while home continues on without you. I have experienced both of these difficulties here while visiting Rutgers Prep.

I have attempted to remain present and so far I believe I have done a good job. But now that my two weeks are coming to close all of the things Im expected to have finished by the time I get home are making it harder to remain fully part of the new Jersey community. Im not worried about completing everything Im just worried about missing something here.

I think this amp is an odd combination or being a student in two schools. I’ve loved learning and living with my New Jersey friends and family but through all of this I am still a Bush student who is checking the Bush portal to see what work Im suppose to have completed before I return home. Any thoughts or ideas?

Also on the note o remaining healthy I’ve done a pretty good job with that until this morning when i woke up with a head cold. Hopefully it will pass because the weather is just finally getting nice!

Day Seven

Today was a good start to the week! Toby’s mom drove us to school today because we both needed to get our train passes renewed. The first class of the day after homeroom was math, then history, and finally chemistry. Everyone was very happy in history because they all turned in their term papers, which took a lot of stress off their shoulders. After that we had an all high school assembly where the head of the song sang “This Little Light Of Mine” to remind the school of his passion and joy in working at GFS. Then we had lunch and we could finally eat outside because the weather has cleared up. After lunch I had two frees where I was able to relax and catch up on some Bush homework. Next I had mandarin. The class only had two other people in it, causing it to be much more engaging and made for a very different experience. Then Toby and I had another free together where we sat outside and watched a promposal happen! After that I went to a hilarious improv class where we played games and made up scenes. To get home Toby and I renewed our train passes and went to the station. After making it home we ate mexican food and watched “Glory” for our night time english class.