Day Two

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Outside the Reading Terminal

Today was my second day at GFS! We went on a math field trip, called math trail. The GFS math teachers gave us different locations and at each place we went to we would have to solve a math problem. This was a fun and interesting way to go site seeing. We did math problems at the Convention Center, Dunkin’ Donuts, Marriott, City Hall, and more. For lunch we went to the Reading Terminal. This was much like the Pike Place Market and made me feel at home. After we finished the math trail Toby and I went back to her house to relax. However, at 6:30 we went back to GFS for our night time english class. During the night class we watched a Spike Lee movie called, “He’s Got Game”. We also talked about gender, race, age, and economic status and how it effects students at GFS. It was all very interesting. Can’t wait until tomorrow!

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Sydney and Talia during the math trail


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