Day Three

Today I over slept my alarm because I was tired from the night time english class last night. So Toby’s mom, Erika, had to wake me up. Once I was awake, Toby and I got ready and headed for the train station. Then we arrived at GFS and I had a free. During my free I sat in the library working on homework and met other GFS students. Then I had health where we played anatomy games. After that we had a group gathering called meeting and worship. This is when the whole high school gathers and sits in silence for 45 minutes. People can stand up to talk if they wish, but it needs to be about friendship, love, or something else meaningful. It was very moving and insightful. Next we headed to lunch, where I ate a salad while toby studied from math. Then we headed off to art and Toby has almost finished her painting! Afterwards we had our last class of the day, math. We’re learning about logs, inverses, and ‘e’. Toby nor I had any classes after that, so her dad picked us up. For dinner we had pizza from one of Toby’s Friend’s dad’s restaurants called Snap Pizza. It was super delicious! Glad I had another great day.

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  1. Great to hear about the school. I like the 45 minutes of silence and conversation about love and friendship.

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