250 years of excellence

This year Rutgers Prep is celebrating its 250th year of excellence. My minds is constantly blown when I remember that the institution I am a part of is older then the country’s soil it lies on. As you walk through campus one can feel a sense of pride for their beloved Argonauts. Also the sense of community is one that rivals Bush. Although the two institutions do differ in various ways they share a common core. Academic excellence, community, and experience are all pivotal parts of the Rutger’s and Bush’s mission.

But even through their similarities it is the differences where I love them the most. For example: the various teaching methods, the student faculty relationships, the different ways the find community, and over all the experience which each one provides. Rutgers although fairly liberal for the east coast posses much higher standard of dress and student faculty relationships then at Bush. To explain we don’t have a dress code at Bush and unlike at Rutgers I call all my teachers by their first names. I think their are pros and cons to both. Although I do enjoy being friends with my teachers and them knowing me not only as a student but also as a person, I do think that the work like relationship that RPS students have with their teachers prepare you better for a work place.

I have such love for both of these wonderful places and will be sad to leave Rutgers in the coming week.

(If you count, this is exactly 250 words!)


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  1. Thank-you for writing – That is an interesting post on how similar places can also be very different. It will be great to talk about this more when you get back.

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