Day Five

Today we didn’t have school so Toby and I walked down to Walnut street, which is the street with all the stores on it. After walking around downtown went to the fitler square fair. This was a bunch of booths that sold food, jewelry, cameras, and more. It didn’t stay for very long though since neither of us bought anything. Then since we were both hungry we went to a place called Insomnia that sold cookies and ice cream, it was delicious! Afterwards we headed home and ate burgers for dinner. Toby’s friends came over for dinner because we were going to see Justin Bieber. His concert was amazing and I’m so happy we went! After the concert we spent the night at Toby’s friend’s house. And even though it was late they wanted to show me the famous and convenient sandwich shop called WaWa. So we got sandwiches and went to bed.

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