Mothers Day

Today was the first mothers day I’ve been without with the wonderful women who birthed me. And although I missed my family and our usual traditions forming my own with the Kalista’s have been equally exciting.
Normally back home I would wake up early in order to make my mom breakfast with my little brother. Instead I woke up in a dog pile of teenagers passed out from out 5k and dance party which had happened the night before. After breakfast I called my mom and wished her a happy mothers day. Once returning back to my homestay I helped the Kalista’s with cooking for their massive mothers day brunch with friends Sandy and Dave.
The Kalista’s have done a wonderful job of incorporating me into their family. Sandy often refers to me as her 6th daughter (she has 3 biological ones and 2 other exchange ones). Its honestly been more then I could of asked for and I am so thankful for the time and energy they have invested into my stay.

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