Day Seven

Today was a good start to the week! Toby’s mom drove us to school today because we both needed to get our train passes renewed. The first class of the day after homeroom was math, then history, and finally chemistry. Everyone was very happy in history because they all turned in their term papers, which took a lot of stress off their shoulders. After that we had an all high school assembly where the head of the song sang “This Little Light Of Mine” to remind the school of his passion and joy in working at GFS. Then we had lunch and we could finally eat outside because the weather has cleared up. After lunch I had two frees where I was able to relax and catch up on some Bush homework. Next I had mandarin. The class only had two other people in it, causing it to be much more engaging and made for a very different experience. Then Toby and I had another free together where we sat outside and watched a promposal happen! After that I went to a hilarious improv class where we played games and made up scenes. To get home Toby and I renewed our train passes and went to the station. After making it home we ate mexican food and watched “Glory” for our night time english class.

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