The hardest part about traveling is staying healthy and remaining connected to the place your visiting while home continues on without you. I have experienced both of these difficulties here while visiting Rutgers Prep.

I have attempted to remain present and so far I believe I have done a good job. But now that my two weeks are coming to close all of the things Im expected to have finished by the time I get home are making it harder to remain fully part of the new Jersey community. Im not worried about completing everything Im just worried about missing something here.

I think this amp is an odd combination or being a student in two schools. I’ve loved learning and living with my New Jersey friends and family but through all of this I am still a Bush student who is checking the Bush portal to see what work Im suppose to have completed before I return home. Any thoughts or ideas?

Also on the note o remaining healthy I’ve done a pretty good job with that until this morning when i woke up with a head cold. Hopefully it will pass because the weather is just finally getting nice!

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