Day Eight

Today was another successful day in Philadelphia. First we had chemistry followed by two frees, and lunch. I sat in the library during my frees and worked on my essay because Toby had to meet with her advisor about her junior project. After lunch we had math where we learned about direct and inverse variation. Then we had history where we finished talking about the punic wars. And finally we had art. I was impressed by how well all of the GFS paintings turned out. Toby and I also saw two more promposals today! After an exciting day we took the train home and I relaxed while Toby worked on homework. Then we ate pasta for dinner and watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians. I’m super sad that I have to return to Seattle in a short three days.

1 thought on “Day Eight

  1. Molly – It makes me really happy that you have felt so welcomed there. You have new friends – Which must feel really good.

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