The sun finale came out today in Woodbridge New Jersey. For the entirety of my trip its been stereotypical Seattle weather: grey, cold, kinda rainy. But I have to say that the sun really does brighten everyones day. On campus teachers and students seem happier, the campus lighter and brighter and the world just seems to smile.

Although I already found New Jersey to be beautiful this wonderful weather has aloud me to see the true beauty of Rutgers Prep.

Because of the sun we were able toe at outside on the large sprawling quad that reminds me of the Upper school lawn or middle school court yard. On the turf felid students played ultimate frisbee and threw lacrosse balls. It was such a wonderful blend of homey familiarity and exciting new experiences brightened my day.

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  1. Sounds like you might have pulled through your cold? And the sun does help a lot. You’re almost caught up on your blogs…Tenzin – Keep up the good work.

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