Day Ten

It’s almost time for me to return to Seattle and I am incredibly sad about it. I have made so many new friends and it will be hard to say goodbye. My second to last day at GFS was good though. First I had a free followed by health and another free. Then I had lunch where I witnessed more promposals and ate outside. After lunch I had art and then math. However, math was a little stressful because the class has a big test tomorrow. Once math was over Toby’s dad picked us both up from school so we didn’t have to take the train. Since school ended so early Toby and I ate lunch at one of Sophie’s┬ádad’s restaurants called Continental. We ate sandwiches and they were amazing! From Continental we walked home and it was actually quite pleasant because it was warm out. We also saw lots of Penn medical students that just graduated and were wearing their gowns. When we arrived home Toby studied for math and I watched Chopped and relaxed. For dinner we talked about my favorite moments and Philly while we ate pizza and salad.

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  1. So glad that you’ve made friends and had such a great time Molly. I’m excited to hear more from you. By the time you read this, you will have arrived home.

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