Jersey Dinners

When I first arrived the first thing I did was go to the Sumerset Diner… So it seems only fitting that the last thing I do is go to a diner as well.

Diner are a wonderful beautiful thing and I’m sad we don’t have more of them on the west coast. Thats one of the only things that RPS students said would hold them back from moving to the west coast…. the lack of diners. †hey are packed full of omelets, all kinds of french toast and waffles, ladkahs, different sorts of Benedicts, burnt coffee and  sweet juices. Even just talking about it now is making my stomach growl and my heart miss Jersey.

Oh one thing I am very excited about is the prospects of my friends form Jersey doing the network program and coming to Bush!!! I miss them all so much and it would be great to show them around my city after them showing me around theirs.

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