Last Night

Last edited by tenzin.crowley on May 15, 2016 at 4:32 pmFor my last night In New Jersey all of my new friends surprised me with a going away party. The first thing we did was go bowling. I haven’t gone blowing in so long and although I bowled an absolutely horrible score no one teased me. Every time I threw a gutter ball they would all cheer and high five me and support me. Sean was trying to do trick shots and Haley threw every ball like a “grandma with a broken hip”.
After bowling we all went and got food. This is when I discovered my favorite part of New jersey…. their Bollywood music station. And they don’t just have one…. they have like 6. We were all dancing to crazy Bollywood music in awful New Jersey traffic.
Im so sad to leave…. Everyone is teasing saying that I should just transfer next year haha…. i honestly wish that was an option

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