Ivan Repin: Last Weekend…

My last weekend in Château-Gontier was quite an exciting one.

On Saturday, Gino and his family took me to a rock concert held just steps away from our house. The atmosphere and vibe of the concert was incredible, and I had a wonderful time rocking out to some great music. Although this was a two day festival with multiple bands and groups playing we mostly came to see a quite popular band called the Wampas. This is band originated in France and here is a link to one of their many songs on youtube:


Then, on Sunday we all went to the Château d’Angers. This is a castle located in the heart of Angers, not too far away from Château-Gontier. There we explored breathtaking scenery overlooking the Maine river. We took a tour of the whole castle, passing through exhibits of paintings and artifacts. After we climbed the steps to the very top where we could see almost all of Angers. We made sure we took lots of selfies with the scenery in the background. Clothilde, Gino’s mom, then drove us to her Aunt’s house where they treated us with some home made lemon cake which was so delicious.

I had such a great time last weekend, I wish I could do it all over again.

To conclude, school is going well, although difficult, it’s definitely manageable for me as I made a couple changes to my schedule giving me two hours of music class every Tuesday. I love the people in my class and I have already made some friends.

I can’t wait what awaits me in the future!


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