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I am very excited to be leaving this Saturday for Japan. I am going to be going attending an international school in Karuizawa that is called ISAK. On the weekdays I will be going to classes and getting to know the students, then travel to Tokyo to visit my homestay family on weekends. I chose to go here because the school seems very diverse and progressive. People from all around the world attend the institution and I knew that this could be a life changing experience for me. I look forward to meeting people from different backgrounds and learning even more about Japanese culture. I am so grateful to be given this opportunity and will not take it for granted whatsoever. I will be consistently updating the blog on my journey, and am excited to do so. Knowing that I will be able to reunite with my home-stay and the friends I already have made in Japan is something I am incredibly thankful for. Until next time!

Marina Doherty

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