Nine days till Philly!

These past few weeks I’ve been preparing for my two week exchange trip in Philadelphia. During my trip there I will be staying with a very kind family and attending a high school called GFS (Germantown Friends School). The family has two kids who are both around my age and they also have a dog and three chickens. It really seems that the family is really excited to meet me! I still have a lot of packing to do and a lot of teachers to talk to before it’s officially time to leave. I’m looking forward to finally getting to meet the family and experience Philadelphia for all it has to offer. I’m especially excited for this trip because it’ll allow me to be immersed in a city culture that’s very different from Seattle and the trip will give me some much needed time in the sun. I can’t wait to attend the high school there and meet a lot of new people i never would have gotten the chance to meet. With just about one week until I leave, I have been taking care of a few last minute tasks. I have been brainstorming gift ideas with my family and making sure to stay on top of my homework. Nine days until a brand new experience that I know I will remember for a long time.

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