First day

After a pretty short plane ride to Philly I met my homestay family at the airport. Ironically the first place we went to was Starbucks. Then we went to a really good breakfast place and ate there. After breakfast we walked around the block and went around Drexel. After that we headed home for a lot of down time, which included homework and lacrosse. We then went to an annual gathering with a lot of the people who attend their synagogue. There was good ice cream there and it was a good time. After we came back home we relaxed for awhile until it was time for dinner. My homestay mom Michelle is an extremely good cook and the food she makes is absolutely fantastic. After dinner we watched a movie and then it was time for bed. It was a very tiring first day and the time difference really started to hit, but all-in-all it was a very good introduction to Philly.

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