Yesterday night I went to an onsen for the first time. After having a tiring day of classes, I was ready to go to a bath house. I went with another girl and she taught me all the etiquette that comes with going to an onsen. You are supposed to wash yourself thoroughly before entering the water. You are not supposed to dip your towel in the water. You can wash your hair before going in, or tie your hair up in a bun to keep it from touching the water. There were many locals, no tourists in sight. It is interesting how Japan is conservative in many aspects, yet not in terms of bathing. In the western world, it would be seen as strange to walk around without a bathing suit in a bathhouse. Yet in Japan being naked in an onsen is the social norm. I also found it interesting how tattoos are not allowed in an onsen. Even in 2017, people with tattoos are unable to participate because of their appearance.

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