Day 2 of school

This was the day I finally started to understand how GFS worked. I finally knew where all of my classes were and generally where to go majority of the time. This was all the day where I developed a routine around waking up and getting out the house and everything involved with that. I was supposed to go on a field trip with my science class, but since there was an away lacrosse game I was unable to attend that field trip. I was fine with that because for the field trip we were supposed to go to a farm and I honestly did not want to do that. Throughout the day I went to my normal classes and did the whole school thing, which was interesting as always 😉
Then we were dismissed at 2pm for the away game. GFS was playing one of their top rivals so it was supposed to be a really good game. When we all got to the field I was assigned the task with filming the game so the team could use the footage to recap and everything. GFs ended up losing the game by a lot. It was a tough game because they had just recently lost their best player to a broken leg. After the game we came home and had a really good dinner. I also finally had a little bit of homework to do, which I finished in about 20 minutes. Then after that I went to bed because I had a very long day ahead of me. Overall it was a very successful second day of school.

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