Day 3 of school

Today we had to wake up very early for an event that happens once a year at this school. The event is called math day. People are split up into groups and have to go into the downtown to do math related questions using the terrain of downtown. I was especially excited for this day because I had yet to explore downtown Philly in any way. As soon as we left school on the buses I fell asleep. Luckily the ride was about a half hour so I got plenty of rest. We got dropped off downtown and immediately got to work on exploring. We did a lot of walking and luckily the sun was out so i got to work on getting my complexion back a little bit more. We stopped to get lunch at a place that had many really good restaurants. The place was a popular place called “Reading Terminal”. I got a burrito there and it was very tasty. After the massive field trip the day was still not over as I still had to go to practice. Practice was fun as usual. After practice we still had night classes. These classes happen once a week and go for 2 and a half hours. Before class we got Cheesesteaks, which was very interesting because I had never had one before so it was nice to finally have one. The night class we had was an english class focused around speech. After the class was over we went home and I went straight to bed because I was feeling super tired. So overall once again it was a very successful day.

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