Day 4 of school

Today was a good return to normal classes at school after the long math day. I had math first and realized they were very ahead of me so that wasn’t the best situation to be in, but it was nice to just sit and relax there. I had photography after that, which was pretty fun. Taking pictures is always fun and plus it was still sunny out. After that we had an all highschool meeting of silence for 45 minutes. I obviously fell asleep for the entire time, but we were sitting in the middle of every basically so that was interesting. After that we had lunch. Lunch was good per usual. I had two classes after that; economy and media studies. After that it was time to go to another game. The game was a non-league game, but it was still a pretty close loss. After the game we got vietnamese food, which was really good. I decided to go to bed extra early that night since I had no homework and wanted to have a lot of energy for friday. So overall it was another good day and left me excited to be energized or Friday.

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