Last Week at ISAK

I am amazed at how strong my friendships have become here. I have people that I can truly call my friends, something that surprised me greatly. I am impressed with myself. Being outgoing in the beginning really helped me later on. People felt comfortable approaching me, opening so many doors that wouldn’t have opened had I been quiet and reclusive. I will miss the dorms here. They are home to all the students here, and it feels like one large family. Everyone pitches in to help clean up, whether it be the dishes, the rooms, or the bathrooms. The seniors are finishing their finals and it is nice to see them becoming happier, smiling more often. IB exams here are very rigorous. The grades are ranked from 1-7, 7 being absolute excellence. The grading system is interesting and there is a large importance placed upon writing essays. Overall, I have had a wonderful experience here and I am surprised at how many meaningful connections I have made. I have learned a lot about myself during this trip, gaining experiences I will never forget.

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