Day 9 of school

Today was an all around great day. Day before a Friday. I had a lot fun today, just during free periods playing cards with people. Im terrible at the game, but the people I was playing with taught me well. Today we had a very important assembly about addiction, where multiple people spoke about their experiences. This was a very deep and emotional conversation and made me think about a lot of my own experiences in regards to the topic. After the assembly we had lunch, I also had a free after lunch so a lot of my time was spent relaxing. My last class of the day was a class called media studies, where we study and make documentaries and learn about media. Its one of my most interesting classes that i’ve enjoyed alot. After school we had practice. While at the practice I was invited to go on a run with the girls long distance track runners. That was a very interesting time and luckily i’m still in pretty good shape so I was up for it. It was nice to talk to some new people while on the run and I actually had a lot of fun. Then after practice we went home and had dinner. After dinner me and one of my homestay sisters Lindsey, went to Target to buy food for the lacrosse team. After Target we went home and then I was feeling super tired so I went to sleep.

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