Karuizawa town part 1

On one of the last days me and two of my friends went to explore Karuizawa. We walked about 40 minutes to reach the station. Once we reached the station, we took a train to reach the main area of Karuizawa. After that we walked another 20 minutes to reach our destination. Along the way many adorable shops lined the streets. Coffee shops that almost looked like they belonged in Seattle. Small, narrow, and highly decorated. I was amazed at the amount of crepe shops there are in Japan. There seems to be a high fascination with french food and the language. Many of the shops were named after french words. The entire walk, it was pouring down rain. This was the only day it rained, out of all the three weeks. It rained for hours and hours, soaking us completely on our way there. By the time we reached the mall area, ours socks were totally wet.

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