A Note on Fauna

One thing that I have noticed during my time in France is that animals. When one thinks of France animals is not necessarily the first thing that jumps to mind. However, that has been one of the biggest differences I have noticed here in Chateau-Gontier. Starting with house pets, the relationship with house pets is a little different here, at least for cats. Cats here are either serve a functional purpose or are boarder line wild, as they spend what seems to be a maximum of time outside. This seems to be because there are lots of farms and pastures and mice can be a problem. Moving onto dogs, when it comes to dogs they fall into two categories, similar to cats, a functional one, guard dogs, and the ‘companion’ when it come to the companion dogs the labrador is the be all end all. However, the role of guard dog is not only limited to dogs, geese, domesticated geese can also accomplish the same role and are arguably better at it. My final observation is the birds, I have really noticed the difference in avian species here, at night it is not uncommon to hear the owls in the distance, and you know those coo-coo clocks? well there is actually a bird that makes that noise. While on the subject of nighttime noises the sounds of the countryside are always sung upon the backdrop of the crickets.

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