Card Games and Tradition

One of the most quintessential French card games is: La Belote.

It’s a games played with a deck of card in which the 6 through 2’s have been removed. It is a point based game that is played by trick. Whomever is the dealer will deal first three cards starting with the player to his/her left then another two cards such that each player has five cards each. The dealer will then turn over the card on the top of the deck and players will decide to take it or leave it. to take the card means to determine the Atout. Essentially which of the four suits will act as a trump in relation to the other suits for that round. once the Atout has been determined play will then start with the player one the left of the dealer. These are the rough basics of the game. What I find to be most interesting about the game is not only the complexity of higher-level play by also the cultural heritage that is attached to the game as it is something that is passed down from generation to generation. Just something I found to be cool.


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