Day 2 – 5/1/18

Today was a good day, for the first time in forever I woke up to the sun shining through my window. It was a nice way to wake up, today I shadowed my dormmate Eric. Our first class was art class where I tried to bend metal, that was not too successful. After we had “milk lunch” I think, these Vermont people have a lot of weird names for things. Anyways “milk lunch” is just a break. The milk here is really tasty and there is unlimited food, something Bush should implement. After we had a break where we went to the art room to meet with some people and do some very unproductive work. After we went to the library and I met some other friends of Eric. Everyone is very nice, me and another kid called Eastmen (maybe?) really clicked over soccer. After we had Spanish, wow I am very glad I took Chinese. After we had lunch and then went to play pick up soccer in the gym probably my favorite part of the day. It was all pickup and I loved it, people told me I should have come in the Fall so I could have played for the team. I I’m looking forward to playing tomorrow. The Lacrosse game was next, I met with the coach and he said I could join to practice with them. It was fun watching although they lost, I think I’m going to really like playing. After dinner I went to the gym to meet with some friends, a kid named Max taught me the basics of lacrosse and threw with me. I went with Eric to an evening amp of photography, where we split into groups and I learned a lot about the photos. I met some more people and hit it off with them. The rest of the night was pretty chill, I called my parents to say hello. Tomorrow I have A.M barn which is going to suck since I have to wake up at 5:30. I took some photos that I can maybe upload later.




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  1. Sounds like you’re meeting a lot of people Emil. So glad that you’re there and have this opportunity. Tell us how the 5;30 wake up goes.

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