Day 3 – 5/2/18

Today I woke up at 5:30 to do barn duty, that was quite the experience. It was surprisingly bright for being so early. People told me that it is the worst job to do at Putney, and even worse in the Winter because it gets so cold and dark. We cleaned pins full of animals excrement, put sawdust down inside pins, put hay inside of feeding troughs for the cows to eat while being milked, put feed down, attached the cows to the individual stalls with chains to keep them in place, and finally futilely attempted to scrape the chicken poop out of their giant pen. The problem is that one ever does it, leading the poop to severely harden and become nearly impossible to uproot. After finishing I came back the dorm and took a very long shower before going back to sleep. Since it was Wednesday we start late, and I could sleep into 9:10 and still make it to my class at 9:15. Although I missed breakfast because I was sleeping it was more than worth it. Putney starts late on Wednesday because they have a half day on Saturday. I really like the relaxed schedule, the bigger allowance of time, having the school postponed over the whole day creates an interesting atmosphere. Today was the first day of my own classes, I had creative writing first. Since the blocks are very long I only had two classes today. I really enjoy the creative writing class, the entirety of the class seems to be seniors, but I really like the kids and the teacher Seth. Today was a work period for them, Seth gave me some of their creative writing to read because we are going to have a class discussion tomorrow. After we had an assembly which is very similar to Bush’s assembly with different clubs and groups making announcements. Something different about Putney is that they have senior projects but for the whole school to participate in, and you can join group projects, they hold these two times a year I believe for 10 days. After I had Chinese, and then lunch. After Lunch, I went with 3 other friends to a nearby river and swam and then went and got ice cream. I had my first Lacrosse practice today, a sport I wish I had started playing a while ago. The coach gave me equipment, and I think I did alright but of course, there is a lot of room for improvement. There is a game on Saturday the coach says I might be able to play in, I really like the team. The rest of my night was pretty chill, and the dinner was outside because it was so nice. Later we have a Dorm meeting, also I live in the Keep dorm which has quite the reputation, but I enjoy it.

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  1. Thanks for an awesome description of a very diverse day! I will ask you more about senior projects when you return – That sounds interesting. The students seem kind. Good job on barn duty!

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