Day 4 – 5//3/18

Today was a very long day, I’m extremely tired right now so I will keep this short and sweet. I woke up at 5:30 again, wow that is so early when I think about it. Then came back and showered and almost slept through breakfast again. Today I had a different English class then my creative writing one, which I really enjoyed. There were only 5 other kids in the classroom, which I actually really liked. Obviously, their curriculum is much different then Bush’s being less focused on rigorous academics. Evidence of this way they were reading in History a book we read last year and learning Chinese we learned the year before. Although the history class gave me a completely new view than the way I learned it making it a really interesting. Not to slander the Putney school at all their students possess many skills that I couldn’t imagine many Bush students being feasible of. We didn’t have lacrosse today, but I went to the gym with a kid on the team and practiced with him. A big thing at Putney is watermelon, which is similar to wall ball but more complex. I would have to say my most interesting class is the creative writing class, I really enjoy that. I went to the “pond” I think it is called and went swimming with some guys later on in the day. I finished my day by taking a class about African drumming, my eardrums are still ringing, interesting but exhausting. Good night. I feel like I’m forgetting stuff but I can’t think what.

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