Day 6 – 5/6/18

Today was Saturday, I had barn duty, and missed breakfast because I slept through it. My first class was English, we are reading Othello and discussing it. It was weird having school on the weekend it made it feel like it wasn’t. There were only two classes, my next class was history. I enjoyed it, although they are starting to write essays so there will not be as much for me to do. I might have already said this but I really like all my teachers. That was my last class of the day after I hung out with people, and then some of them went to town. Colin, Max and I all went to the gym to workout. It is really weird, the meals are around 6 here and at home, we eat after 9 usually. The milk here is amazing because it is from the cows. Tonight was the coffee house, which is a combination of our own coffee house and venue, more leaning towards the venue. It was really fun, I would say most of the performers were boys. There were a couple weird performances, I will not go into details but slightly disturbing, for the most part, I really enjoyed it though. After we just hung out and played some frisbee in the dark, and played cards.

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