Day 7 – 5/6/18

Today was Sunday, I forgot to mention yesterday Sophia, one of the barnheads asked me to switch from a.m to p.m barn, which I happily agreed with. I can finally sleep in since today was Sunday there is only brunch and dinner. Brunch goes from 9:00 to 12:00, I woke up past 10 and went and ate breakfast. A bunch of just relaxed in the cafeteria and ate piles of pancakes. It’s true the syrup here is superior to the syrup at home. The syrup they eat is from a patch of tree’s less than a mile away. Today was a very rainy day, after breakfast, we hung out in the gym for a little bit before going back to the dorm. A bunch of guys came over to Eric and Colin’s room where we spent most of the day. I almost like it better when it is colder out, I went to barn duty at 4 with Duncan who is now on my shift which is nice. We had dinner after, and then went and played an intense game of soccer in the gym. Jules a kid on the lacrosse team joined up with me and we destroyed.

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