day 8 – 5/7/18

Today was probably my best day so far. I think it really changes your day if you wake up and it is sunny, instead of dark and rainy. Colin my roommate is my new alarm clock because everything I try hasn’t worked. The milk here is good but a little weird, at least compared to the milk I am used to back home. I always put some coffee to mediate the taste, there were really good scones for breakfast today. My first class was my favorite one, the creative writing class, we discussed people in the class writings. After class, the whole school came together in an assembly to sing songs. I really enjoyed it, it was surprisingly relaxing. I was surprised about the number of times God and Heaven are mentioned. Putney being a Quacker school and all. I then hung out with people until my next class, my English class I enjoy because of the people in it more than the actual class. They are reading Othello, I usually don’t like Shakespeare but they make it interesting. Lunch was next, the unlimited food is quite appealing. Although some of the meals are a bit weird, but there is always a lot of options. I played some pickup soccer in the gym after. I had Mandarin next. After I had Lacrosse, I don’t really have a lot of the stuff but It’s alright. I really enjoy spending time with the team and love the coach. The team lost two kids in the last week, because of expulsions but the team is looking up from here. I don’t know if I will be able to play, I don’t think I’m allowed to but the coach is pretty relaxed about the whole thing. Also were in the middle of Vermont so no one really cares. The team has been very receptive, a lot of kids have offered and have helped me in their own time learning the game. I learned how to scoop balls off the ground today after somebody told me to get much lower and slide the stick on the ground before getting to the ball. Before I was just kind of stabbing at it and getting 2/3 of time, now I get it almost every time. It made my day when after the Nick the coach told me I probably couldn’t come to the game because the bus only holds 14 people, and everyone on team argued saying I should come and we could put 3 to a seat. I don’t think I can go anyways because I have barn duty but the gesture was really nice and made me feel like part of the team even though I just started. Right after Lacrosse, I had barn duty, I had to bring my plastic bag and boots I reserve for the barn because everything you use gets ruined practically so I have a single pair I wear every day for it. Two baby cows were let out in the stable when we were trying to move them, and two big cows looped around and came back in once we had let out the first set of the big cows. Duncan grabbed one and it started running towards the big door. That was closed because we had let them all out and closed it, I had to sprint to the door and heave it open before Duncan and the cow got to me. I loved it, we were laughing the whole time. Dinner tonight was pretty good, on Monday and Thursday a set of seignors serve you, not sure why but on these two days every one sits down and is served instead of the usual buffet style. After dinner, I hung out with some new people I haven’t really hung out with before. I then went and played a game of kickball with the core group of friends I’ve made. It was amazing, there is a huge grass field behind the cafeteria (I like their cafeteria much better than ours because it is all wood and feels more cozy and comfortable). The sun was beginning to come down, but still bright and it reflected off the grassy field us we played. My team got destroyed, but I didn’t really care because I was having such a good time. That is also what I really like about Putney is that most of my day is spent outside, which I love. After we went back to the dorm to check in, I was a bit bored and people were doing homework in my dorm, so I went back up to the gym. Where a group of people was playing four square outside on the cement leading to the gym. It was mostly older kids, but they asked me to play even though it was my first time meeting most of them. We played until after sundown until you could barely see the big red ball bouncing. It made my day.

-Wrote more then usual because I had a history work class

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