Day 9 – 5/8/18

First class was history, I enjoyed it, Lorne Johnson is a very good teacher. Had block between classes, hung out with friends on a grass field in the sun. I think I’m getting a tan, although probably being burned. Met some new people today, who hung out with us on the grass, picnic style. I think that is my new goal, to meet and interact with new people each day, not that I had a goal in the first place. After I had creative writing, and then lunch. Played some soccer, but had to leave really early because for Chinese we were going to see a museum. Not sure what the tie was between seeing the museum and Chinese, but I really enjoyed it. More importantly who in god’s name would put a museum in the middle of Vermont? I guess it was more of a collection, the art was created by a man and his wife was a photographer. His pieces were all made of wood made to look metallic and copper wire, lots of light structures and looked somewhat like insects in the designs. My grandparents would have loved them. We returned to campus at around 2:52, and the bus for lacrosse had not left yet, I thought I would not be able to go because of lack of space, but a teammate couldn’t make it so I was able to go. The person who missed it, West is our best player, and the fact we lost two other starters made it a rough game. I think it was around 19 to 8, although our team played well, it just fell apart in the last quarter. Mainly because we had one sub who didn’t go in the game often because he didn’t go to the practice before, and the other team had like 10 subs. It was super hot out, and there were millions of these little flies. A teammate taught me how to cradle, I practiced while I watched on the sideline, I don’t think I will be allowed to play because I’m missing a lot of gear, and a clearance form but I wish I could. On the way back we stopped and got pizza, that we ate on the bus, It was a lot of fun.

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