day 10 – 5/9/18

My sense of time is really thrown off, the only reason I know what day it is is because I write and have input a new date each night. Today class started later than usual, allowing me to sleep in. I still go to the cafeteria to late, and all the food was gone except for the toast. I don’t really want to talk about my classes, they went well though. We had a huge game of soccer that was really fun and then went swimming for 2 hours in the puddle. There is a wooden raft that is in the middle, we all went there and went on top of it, and messed around the entire time, we played mafia where if you were killed you have to jump off. The only problem is the puddle, is right next to the barn so I think it might be contaminated? Also even though it is called a puddle it is pretty deep, we had dinner and then I played some foursquare with people. I went swimming again tonight for a night swim that was really fun, funny how much colder it gets at night. Came back and showered and had dorm meeting.

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