Day 11 – 5/10/18

I had a busy day today, I really feel like part of the school and will be sad to be leaving so soon. My first class was English 10 discussing Othello. After we had milk lunch, it was cheesy pizza rolls. We had singing next, but because we sang earlier in the week there was advisory instead. The school is having problems with people leaving their dishes outside after eating, and we had to propose solutions. I went to the gym after and hung out with people and talked. The gym has many parts, the actual weight room is in the corner on the second floor, the downstairs is the actual basketball gym, and then there is a hangout place when you first walk that you can play music. There is a pingpong table downstairs, but they made us stop playing because it was a conference block. After I had history class, which I really enjoyed, we are still discussing the first world war, but today we got more into the second and especially the cold war. I think Russia’s history is very interesting and will try to take a class at Bush when I come back. After was lunch, today was Mexican food, and then we went outside for a while before going to the gym to play soccer. I always tell myself to not get into too much, because I don’t like being too sweaty for my next class, but I am always unsuccessful. I wish there was more sun in Seattle, although I guess I came at a very good time because a week before I arrived there was snow. I had my creative writing class after lunch, God I love the teacher Seth and the entire class. I had lacrosse after class, our best player is no longer on the team, we are now 3 guys down from a week ago. Our next game is on Saturday, I’m looking forward to it, hopefully, I will be able to play. I had barn duty right after, but It turned out today was my day off, and went and hung out at the puddle. Max, E-Man, Lilly, Eric, and I all went out to dinner in some town that I forget the name of, maybe Middleburgh? That cannot be right, but it was nice getting some other food for a change. Every night you have to check in before 7:30 and 10:00, it was a little bit close but we made it. I had to go to my drumming class right after, which I enjoyed a lot more then last time, the teacher name is Steve but we call him Stevio, he reminds of Ben Wheeler, very down to earth. Tonight was Pizza night, after drumming I went, because I don’t have an actual student account I get free pizza, something I took full advantage of.

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