Day 12 – 5/11/18

-Chinese-Did work alright

-Assembly very interesting, Muslim woman breakdancing, teaching the world a new side of the Muslim cultural

-hung out in the gym, had the dream team for a soccer game, Olga E-man, Jules and I

-English before lunch, big discussion about Othello, interesting

-Lunch curry, pie

-Foursquare after lunch and a pingpong table was put up in the gym

-History learned about art in history, but the building side of it, very interesting, Germanies dream in the second world war was to make Berlin center of the world, looked at Roman agriculture to try to create an empire similar, Italy followed suit, and even in America this is used. Discussed Stalin, Communism in greater detail. Before discussing how Germany was able to begin to pay off there toll by the USA funneling money into the economy. THen Germany was able to begin to pay France and England off, who in turn would pay the United States. It worked great until people didn’t want to give money to Germany, instead to the stock market where everyone was getting money.

-Lacrosse practice, I don’t think we are going to be able to play tomorrow we don’t have enough players

-Barn was after, Putney has ruined my dream of becoming a farmer

-Showered, and then we had dinner

-Went to the gym and destroyed in ping pong

-Played some soccer and watermelon

-Went back to the dorm to check in before coming back to the gym

-became a lot closer to a lot of people today I feel like, people have been telling me I should move schools, it feels good.



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