Day 13 – 5/12/18

Class started a little later today, I could wake up at 9 and still make it to class on time. My first class was English, we had a good long discussion about Othello, and especially focusing on Iago (probably butchered his name). What makes Iago interesting is that in our current world we state that all evil people are products of there environment, that there is a reason behind there madness. In Othello, Iago acts like the Joker, creating chaos purely for entertainment. After English we had milk lunch, I asked Quinten to send me some photos, hopefully, he will do that soon. My last class of the day was history, I really like it, mostly because I find the subject interesting. I had lunch after, and then I went and played some soccer in the gym, and played a lot of ping-pong. I came back to the dorm to shower, and then hung out with some juniors upstairs for most of the afternoon. I really like these two kids Jules and Morio who are both on the Lacrosse team, I think I would become even better friends if I could stay here longer. I went back to the gym and played some more ping-pong, and then Karaoke night started, that was fun. It went to the concert, that started at 9, the concert was outside, it was really cold, but you could see all the stars. They had a smoke machine, and it was lot better then I thought it was going to be. They had lights too, it was really set up well.

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