day 14 – 5/13/18

Today was my last full day, I could finally sleep in. Instead of having breakfast and lunch there is brunch from 9:00 to 12:00 allowing one to partake in a hobbit’s breakfast. We all just ate and hung out for a while, there was French toast, crepes that could be made, and potato pancakes with sausage and scrambled eggs. A couple of us went to the gym where Colin and Omar had somehow connected there computers to the tv and were playing smash bros. The couches were scattered across the area making good resting points in-between breakfasts. We were all to full to really do anything for a while, I went back to my dorm, it’s funny there are always people in Eric’s room, a group of people were playing cards. I introduced to everybody shithead, and we have played a lot of Egyptian ratslap, which Eric has an unnatural ability for. At 2 there was a poker game being played across campus, we all went, I think there was 8 or 9 of us and It came down to myself and two others. I had to go to barn so we all put in our chips for one last round. It is a great game, although they shuffled the deck after each game which I thought was a little unfair. I had my last barn duty, although satisfying I don’t think I will miss this aspect of Putney. I have had a couple of different barn heads, since I joined p.m barn I have had Olga, who sometimes plays soccer with us, he is one of the best players. A very interesting guy, I liked him, but the barn process goes a little slower, that’s all right though. We walked some calf’s today, there is a whole muzzle/leash you put on the cow to walk it. My cow wanted to be free, and kept on sprinting everywhere. After Barn I came back and showered and quickly ate dinner, because there was a pickup soccer game on the grass field. There is a grownup league that plays on Sundays, a couple of us went, E-man, Jules, Olga, Larry, Morio. The grown ups had a big game going so we started a smaller one to left of it, a group of grownups joined us. It was incredible, I don’t particularly like playing on grass, but there grass is pretty nice. After I went and hung out with Jules and Merlin, but I had to pack and Jules had to develop some film so we all decided to come back later. I had a really fun night, a lot of gathered at Merlin’s room and talked until late. I can’t believe I I’m leaving tomorrow, I don’t really know how I feel about it, It will be nice to be home with all my friends and family but I really like the people I have met here.

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