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Today, we are going to talk about language. Let’s start with Betty. See Betty had a bit of bitter butter which she added to her batter. Now as you can imagine, her bitter butter rendered said batter rather bitter. I know, scary. But fear not, because Betty then added a bit of better butter to her very bitter batter and ameliorated its condition.
This is what is known as a Dickensian tongue twister or a D.T.T. The thing about D.T.Ts is they don’t exist but in my mind I like to think they do.
Another fun thing about language is that we can string together phrases that have never been uttered in the history of the english language using ordinary words. For example, “love tuna splendidly, but not as much as green wallets with books on pianos.” Perfectly ordinary words never said before in our thousands of years on this Earth. A ripple on ripple, image on image, wheel within a wheel like the circles that we find within the windmills of our mind. But I digress. These random tongue twisters and phrases make me think about language and how much we can take for granted. One of the things that really struck me while living in France is the ability to make jokes and to understand jokes. To me jokes are one of the simplest but most joyous things in the world and now, I have a new appreciation for all jokes as I hope you do to.

I wish everyone a fabulous week and I leave you with this:
“hold the newsreader’s nose squarely waiter, or friendly milk will come to my trousers.”

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