Dylan’s Final Blog

For my final blog I want to take a brief moment to say thank you. I want to thank all the lovely people that helped me have this special experience. Thank you to all the Bush teachers who helped initiate and create this program and to Bush itself. I also want to say a huge thank you to my host family, the Juillets, for letting me stay in their house and eat their food. I know, of course, that they will not read this but I feel it is still important to say. I also want to thank France as a country and the French as a people. If they did not live in France or build France there really wouldn’t be much point in doing this. I must thank President Macron and his ex-teacher and his current wife Brigitte for being very french. To speed things up i’m going to use a colon. I want to thank: the food and drinks department of french airlines, the cable service company, and Ikea. I also want to make note of Netflix for its great programming and say F*%K you to Hulu for not being available in France. I must mention Spotify for giving me music and apple for making such a secret listening device (airpods). I want to thank NASA and the CIA, Noam Chomsky and Pablo Picasso. Let’s not forget Saturn and of course, all of it’s rings. We must pay tribute to Etta James and The temptations. And last but not least, God.

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