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Four weeks in and going strong! Caroline, grace, and I are now on a two-week long spring break. On the first day of break, (Saturday the sixth) my family and I drove to the coast to see┬áMont Saint Michel. What a sight! We walked around a bit, ate lunch, and then headed to a family friend’s house.

Besides that excursion, it has been pretty chill. I’ve been doing my math homework, walking around the farm, and hanging out with some of Gabrielle’s friends. In general, the break has been very relaxing and nice to get a break from the new school environment.

So far everything has been very enjoyable. My French is definitely progressing which I am very glad about. It has taken a bit to get used to the meal times (about nine every night), and the school hours (8:00-5:30), but other than everything has been fairly easy to adjust to. I thought my French skills were going to be more of a problem but its a lot easier to communicate with the locals than I expected. As for my French, it’s definitely progressing although I would like to learn a bit more before I leave. My Spanish, however, is definitely getting worse. I find myself forgetting simple words and replacing them with French ones.

Farm Life

So far living on the farm has been very peaceful. I love being able to be around animals every day. The family owns two cats and a dog, as well as lots of pigs, cows, ducks, bunnies, chickens, a billy goat, and probably more that I’m forgetting. The landscape is also another upside, everywhere you look is another beautiful sight.

Just a normal countryside road

Me outside of Camille’s house



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