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Hello everybody! I apologize for being a day late (yesterday was my birthday and I was too excited to be 15 to write a blog).

Me with my bday cake:) P.s. Sorry all of my pics are sideways, I don’t know how to flip them

Vacation is officially over and it’s back to school (sadly). The transition back was very smooth and it was nice to see all of my friends, French and American. Recently there have been lots of quizzes and test throughout my classes which have definitely been difficult for me. I usually just answer the questions I can but the science classes are insanely difficult because I’m bad at science anyway.

Other than the amount of tests school is going quite smoothly. Although my schedule is confusing and I accidentally skipped a class on accident (oops). A typical school day consists of about 4-6 hours of classes, walks around Chateau Gontier, and of course lots and lots of pastries.

Here is a view of “La Mayenne” with Chateau Gontier in the background

I have loved getting to know all of the students in my class and seeing how they live their everyday lives and how it differs from my life in America. There are tons of similarities but also a lot of differences, one thing that I have been noticing a lot lately is the style. The style here is a bit more colorful, also everyone wears scarves. I don’t think I’ve worn a scarf to school in years. Another thing I’ve noticed is that everyone wears bets with their jeans. I think at Bush people still wear them but definitely less. 2)

Wednesday the 24th was also my birthday! I received tons of letters from my family and a box from one of my friends containing the American foods I miss the most, most importantly Takis. I also got a few gifts from my families such as a surprise strawberry cake, some french snacks, a few French lotions and skincare items, and a gift card to a sports store (they know me too well). I am so grateful for everything I was given and to everyone who wished me a happy birthday.  I thought the day was going to be a lot harder considering its the first time I’ve spent my birthday without my family, but I was truly happy with how the day went.


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