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Hey everyone! It’s my second blog post and I have no idea where to start with all of the things that have happened since my last one… but since we just got back from a nice relaxing break I will start there.

The first week of break Camille’s family and I went to Paris and it was so amazing. Some of my favorite things were going to an old cemetery, seeing all of the art in the museums there and visiting all of the pretty churches.

The Pere Lachaise cemetery was the first place we stopped at when we got off of the train. The gravestones were super old and had many detailed designs all over them. There was one that was huge and shaped like a giant silver fish with puffed up cheeks. They were all scattered with things like flowers and jewelry but some had buttons and seashells on them as well.

On the first night there I met some of Camille’s family friends and they gave us a tour of some of the popular places around Paris such as The Louvre, The Eiffel Tower, The Basilique du Sacre- Cœur and Notre Dame.

The second day we went to Notre Dame and Saint-Chapelle. The stained glass windows in both of these churches are insanely beautiful. In Saint-Chapelle there are thousands of tiny images that make up entire walls of the church. The images are detailed and the colors that make them up to make you feel as if you are in a rainbow.

On the third day, we went to the Louvre, one of my favorite art museums in the world, and I got to see one of my favorite pieces of artwork in the world, The Winged Victory of Samothrace. The room where the Mona Lisa is was overly crowded but I managed to get to the front and take a somewhat clear picture which I was proud of. After we finished looking at the art in the Louvre, we then visited the Royal Jardin (where there were striped sculptures everywhere) and had a picnic in the park.

The fourth day was when got to see the National Assembly. Inside, my favorite room was the library because it is decorated with detailed wood shelving and old books (unfortunately, we were not allowed to take pictures in that specific room but I have found one online!). After the tour ended we went to L’orangerie and I got to see my other favorite artwork in the whole world; Monets Water Lillies!

Image result for library of france national assembly
this image is from google images it is of the national assembly library!

I got to see L’Arc de Triumph on the fifth day as well as the house of Victor Hugo and the modern art museum. Victor Hugo’s house was full of photographs and artifacts. The carpets, walls, and ceilings had detailed patterns in colors like gold and deep green or red that made the house look like the interior of a castle.

On the last day, we went to more gardens and another museum and ended the trip eating dinner at an Indian Restuarant near the train station.

The weather has been super nice these last couple weeks so when we came back from Paris, Camille, he best friend and I went on many bike rides during the remaining week of break and I got a chance to see a nature reserve that is a couple towns over from Chateau-Gontier. There were cats and dogs roaming around everywhere and an island in the middle of the lake with about 200 baboons on it which was crazy!

All in all, it was an amazing break. Since it has ended, I have gotten back into the routine of going to school and this weekend I am going to Nantes which I am super excited about.

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