Dylan Cundiff’s Final Blog

Hello everyone!

It’s been ten weeks since I left Seattle. My journey has been amazing, eye-opening, utterly fantastic, and probably the hardest thing I have ever done. With distance, I have gained clarity. I have learned new things about myself and those closest to me. I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of the people that made this happen. Thank you to Esther, Kristin, and everyone else who put PPT together. Thank you to my parents for being so supportive through this journey, (special thanks to mom for being so awesome and hard working through dad’s job change and party planning, and congrats to dad for trying something new. I’m so proud of you). Thank you to my rock, my best friend, Eden, for keeping in touch and sending me tons of American food, love you. Thank you to Billie Eilish for releasing When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go. Thank you to my doggie for being so cute (I know it’s not relevant but I had to put this in, miss you Kala <3). Thank you to all of the students who made me feel like a part of the school community. Thank you to Gabrielle and her family for letting me have a place at their dinner table, and last but not least, thank you Dylan Wahbe for the idea of how to write this blog.

My perspective on how I live my Seattle life is forever changed. I realize now how selfish and bratty I was, and how much I took what I had for granted. Honestly, I’m embarrassed about how I’ve acted for the past years and I cannot express how happy I am to have gained this knowledge, and that I’ve recognized my mistakes. So, one last final thank you to my parents, again, for providing me with love, a private school education, a happy household, overall just a splendid life with more than I could ever need, and being the best parents ever.

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