day 14 – 5/13/18

Today was my last full day, I could finally sleep in. Instead of having breakfast and lunch there is brunch from 9:00 to 12:00 allowing one to partake in a hobbit’s breakfast. We all just ate and hung out for a while, there was French toast, crepes that could be made, and potato pancakes with sausage and scrambled eggs. A couple of us went to the gym where Colin and Omar had somehow connected there computers to the tv and were playing smash bros. The couches were scattered across the area making good resting points in-between breakfasts. We were all to full to really do anything for a while, I went back to my dorm, it’s funny there are always people in Eric’s room, a group of people were playing cards. I introduced to everybody shithead, and we have played a lot of Egyptian ratslap, which Eric has an unnatural ability for. At 2 there was a poker game being played across campus, we all went, I think there was 8 or 9 of us and It came down to myself and two others. I had to go to barn so we all put in our chips for one last round. It is a great game, although they shuffled the deck after each game which I thought was a little unfair. I had my last barn duty, although satisfying I don’t think I will miss this aspect of Putney. I have had a couple of different barn heads, since I joined p.m barn I have had Olga, who sometimes plays soccer with us, he is one of the best players. A very interesting guy, I liked him, but the barn process goes a little slower, that’s all right though. We walked some calf’s today, there is a whole muzzle/leash you put on the cow to walk it. My cow wanted to be free, and kept on sprinting everywhere. After Barn I came back and showered and quickly ate dinner, because there was a pickup soccer game on the grass field. There is a grownup league that plays on Sundays, a couple of us went, E-man, Jules, Olga, Larry, Morio. The grown ups had a big game going so we started a smaller one to left of it, a group of grownups joined us. It was incredible, I don’t particularly like playing on grass, but there grass is pretty nice. After I went and hung out with Jules and Merlin, but I had to pack and Jules had to develop some film so we all decided to come back later. I had a really fun night, a lot of gathered at Merlin’s room and talked until late. I can’t believe I I’m leaving tomorrow, I don’t really know how I feel about it, It will be nice to be home with all my friends and family but I really like the people I have met here.

Day 13 – 5/12/18

Class started a little later today, I could wake up at 9 and still make it to class on time. My first class was English, we had a good long discussion about Othello, and especially focusing on Iago (probably butchered his name). What makes Iago interesting is that in our current world we state that all evil people are products of there environment, that there is a reason behind there madness. In Othello, Iago acts like the Joker, creating chaos purely for entertainment. After English we had milk lunch, I asked Quinten to send me some photos, hopefully, he will do that soon. My last class of the day was history, I really like it, mostly because I find the subject interesting. I had lunch after, and then I went and played some soccer in the gym, and played a lot of ping-pong. I came back to the dorm to shower, and then hung out with some juniors upstairs for most of the afternoon. I really like these two kids Jules and Morio who are both on the Lacrosse team, I think I would become even better friends if I could stay here longer. I went back to the gym and played some more ping-pong, and then Karaoke night started, that was fun. It went to the concert, that started at 9, the concert was outside, it was really cold, but you could see all the stars. They had a smoke machine, and it was lot better then I thought it was going to be. They had lights too, it was really set up well.

Day 12 – 5/11/18

-Chinese-Did work alright

-Assembly very interesting, Muslim woman breakdancing, teaching the world a new side of the Muslim cultural

-hung out in the gym, had the dream team for a soccer game, Olga E-man, Jules and I

-English before lunch, big discussion about Othello, interesting

-Lunch curry, pie

-Foursquare after lunch and a pingpong table was put up in the gym

-History learned about art in history, but the building side of it, very interesting, Germanies dream in the second world war was to make Berlin center of the world, looked at Roman agriculture to try to create an empire similar, Italy followed suit, and even in America this is used. Discussed Stalin, Communism in greater detail. Before discussing how Germany was able to begin to pay off there toll by the USA funneling money into the economy. THen Germany was able to begin to pay France and England off, who in turn would pay the United States. It worked great until people didn’t want to give money to Germany, instead to the stock market where everyone was getting money.

-Lacrosse practice, I don’t think we are going to be able to play tomorrow we don’t have enough players

-Barn was after, Putney has ruined my dream of becoming a farmer

-Showered, and then we had dinner

-Went to the gym and destroyed in ping pong

-Played some soccer and watermelon

-Went back to the dorm to check in before coming back to the gym

-became a lot closer to a lot of people today I feel like, people have been telling me I should move schools, it feels good.



Day 11 – 5/10/18

I had a busy day today, I really feel like part of the school and will be sad to be leaving so soon. My first class was English 10 discussing Othello. After we had milk lunch, it was cheesy pizza rolls. We had singing next, but because we sang earlier in the week there was advisory instead. The school is having problems with people leaving their dishes outside after eating, and we had to propose solutions. I went to the gym after and hung out with people and talked. The gym has many parts, the actual weight room is in the corner on the second floor, the downstairs is the actual basketball gym, and then there is a hangout place when you first walk that you can play music. There is a pingpong table downstairs, but they made us stop playing because it was a conference block. After I had history class, which I really enjoyed, we are still discussing the first world war, but today we got more into the second and especially the cold war. I think Russia’s history is very interesting and will try to take a class at Bush when I come back. After was lunch, today was Mexican food, and then we went outside for a while before going to the gym to play soccer. I always tell myself to not get into too much, because I don’t like being too sweaty for my next class, but I am always unsuccessful. I wish there was more sun in Seattle, although I guess I came at a very good time because a week before I arrived there was snow. I had my creative writing class after lunch, God I love the teacher Seth and the entire class. I had lacrosse after class, our best player is no longer on the team, we are now 3 guys down from a week ago. Our next game is on Saturday, I’m looking forward to it, hopefully, I will be able to play. I had barn duty right after, but It turned out today was my day off, and went and hung out at the puddle. Max, E-Man, Lilly, Eric, and I all went out to dinner in some town that I forget the name of, maybe Middleburgh? That cannot be right, but it was nice getting some other food for a change. Every night you have to check in before 7:30 and 10:00, it was a little bit close but we made it. I had to go to my drumming class right after, which I enjoyed a lot more then last time, the teacher name is Steve but we call him Stevio, he reminds of Ben Wheeler, very down to earth. Tonight was Pizza night, after drumming I went, because I don’t have an actual student account I get free pizza, something I took full advantage of.

day 10 – 5/9/18

My sense of time is really thrown off, the only reason I know what day it is is because I write and have input a new date each night. Today class started later than usual, allowing me to sleep in. I still go to the cafeteria to late, and all the food was gone except for the toast. I don’t really want to talk about my classes, they went well though. We had a huge game of soccer that was really fun and then went swimming for 2 hours in the puddle. There is a wooden raft that is in the middle, we all went there and went on top of it, and messed around the entire time, we played mafia where if you were killed you have to jump off. The only problem is the puddle, is right next to the barn so I think it might be contaminated? Also even though it is called a puddle it is pretty deep, we had dinner and then I played some foursquare with people. I went swimming again tonight for a night swim that was really fun, funny how much colder it gets at night. Came back and showered and had dorm meeting.

Day 9 – 5/8/18

First class was history, I enjoyed it, Lorne Johnson is a very good teacher. Had block between classes, hung out with friends on a grass field in the sun. I think I’m getting a tan, although probably being burned. Met some new people today, who hung out with us on the grass, picnic style. I think that is my new goal, to meet and interact with new people each day, not that I had a goal in the first place. After I had creative writing, and then lunch. Played some soccer, but had to leave really early because for Chinese we were going to see a museum. Not sure what the tie was between seeing the museum and Chinese, but I really enjoyed it. More importantly who in god’s name would put a museum in the middle of Vermont? I guess it was more of a collection, the art was created by a man and his wife was a photographer. His pieces were all made of wood made to look metallic and copper wire, lots of light structures and looked somewhat like insects in the designs. My grandparents would have loved them. We returned to campus at around 2:52, and the bus for lacrosse had not left yet, I thought I would not be able to go because of lack of space, but a teammate couldn’t make it so I was able to go. The person who missed it, West is our best player, and the fact we lost two other starters made it a rough game. I think it was around 19 to 8, although our team played well, it just fell apart in the last quarter. Mainly because we had one sub who didn’t go in the game often because he didn’t go to the practice before, and the other team had like 10 subs. It was super hot out, and there were millions of these little flies. A teammate taught me how to cradle, I practiced while I watched on the sideline, I don’t think I will be allowed to play because I’m missing a lot of gear, and a clearance form but I wish I could. On the way back we stopped and got pizza, that we ate on the bus, It was a lot of fun.

day 8 – 5/7/18

Today was probably my best day so far. I think it really changes your day if you wake up and it is sunny, instead of dark and rainy. Colin my roommate is my new alarm clock because everything I try hasn’t worked. The milk here is good but a little weird, at least compared to the milk I am used to back home. I always put some coffee to mediate the taste, there were really good scones for breakfast today. My first class was my favorite one, the creative writing class, we discussed people in the class writings. After class, the whole school came together in an assembly to sing songs. I really enjoyed it, it was surprisingly relaxing. I was surprised about the number of times God and Heaven are mentioned. Putney being a Quacker school and all. I then hung out with people until my next class, my English class I enjoy because of the people in it more than the actual class. They are reading Othello, I usually don’t like Shakespeare but they make it interesting. Lunch was next, the unlimited food is quite appealing. Although some of the meals are a bit weird, but there is always a lot of options. I played some pickup soccer in the gym after. I had Mandarin next. After I had Lacrosse, I don’t really have a lot of the stuff but It’s alright. I really enjoy spending time with the team and love the coach. The team lost two kids in the last week, because of expulsions but the team is looking up from here. I don’t know if I will be able to play, I don’t think I’m allowed to but the coach is pretty relaxed about the whole thing. Also were in the middle of Vermont so no one really cares. The team has been very receptive, a lot of kids have offered and have helped me in their own time learning the game. I learned how to scoop balls off the ground today after somebody told me to get much lower and slide the stick on the ground before getting to the ball. Before I was just kind of stabbing at it and getting 2/3 of time, now I get it almost every time. It made my day when after the Nick the coach told me I probably couldn’t come to the game because the bus only holds 14 people, and everyone on team argued saying I should come and we could put 3 to a seat. I don’t think I can go anyways because I have barn duty but the gesture was really nice and made me feel like part of the team even though I just started. Right after Lacrosse, I had barn duty, I had to bring my plastic bag and boots I reserve for the barn because everything you use gets ruined practically so I have a single pair I wear every day for it. Two baby cows were let out in the stable when we were trying to move them, and two big cows looped around and came back in once we had let out the first set of the big cows. Duncan grabbed one and it started running towards the big door. That was closed because we had let them all out and closed it, I had to sprint to the door and heave it open before Duncan and the cow got to me. I loved it, we were laughing the whole time. Dinner tonight was pretty good, on Monday and Thursday a set of seignors serve you, not sure why but on these two days every one sits down and is served instead of the usual buffet style. After dinner, I hung out with some new people I haven’t really hung out with before. I then went and played a game of kickball with the core group of friends I’ve made. It was amazing, there is a huge grass field behind the cafeteria (I like their cafeteria much better than ours because it is all wood and feels more cozy and comfortable). The sun was beginning to come down, but still bright and it reflected off the grassy field us we played. My team got destroyed, but I didn’t really care because I was having such a good time. That is also what I really like about Putney is that most of my day is spent outside, which I love. After we went back to the dorm to check in, I was a bit bored and people were doing homework in my dorm, so I went back up to the gym. Where a group of people was playing four square outside on the cement leading to the gym. It was mostly older kids, but they asked me to play even though it was my first time meeting most of them. We played until after sundown until you could barely see the big red ball bouncing. It made my day.

-Wrote more then usual because I had a history work class

Day 7 – 5/6/18

Today was Sunday, I forgot to mention yesterday Sophia, one of the barnheads asked me to switch from a.m to p.m barn, which I happily agreed with. I can finally sleep in since today was Sunday there is only brunch and dinner. Brunch goes from 9:00 to 12:00, I woke up past 10 and went and ate breakfast. A bunch of just relaxed in the cafeteria and ate piles of pancakes. It’s true the syrup here is superior to the syrup at home. The syrup they eat is from a patch of tree’s less than a mile away. Today was a very rainy day, after breakfast, we hung out in the gym for a little bit before going back to the dorm. A bunch of guys came over to Eric and Colin’s room where we spent most of the day. I almost like it better when it is colder out, I went to barn duty at 4 with Duncan who is now on my shift which is nice. We had dinner after, and then went and played an intense game of soccer in the gym. Jules a kid on the lacrosse team joined up with me and we destroyed.

Day 6 – 5/6/18

Today was Saturday, I had barn duty, and missed breakfast because I slept through it. My first class was English, we are reading Othello and discussing it. It was weird having school on the weekend it made it feel like it wasn’t. There were only two classes, my next class was history. I enjoyed it, although they are starting to write essays so there will not be as much for me to do. I might have already said this but I really like all my teachers. That was my last class of the day after I hung out with people, and then some of them went to town. Colin, Max and I all went to the gym to workout. It is really weird, the meals are around 6 here and at home, we eat after 9 usually. The milk here is amazing because it is from the cows. Tonight was the coffee house, which is a combination of our own coffee house and venue, more leaning towards the venue. It was really fun, I would say most of the performers were boys. There were a couple weird performances, I will not go into details but slightly disturbing, for the most part, I really enjoyed it though. After we just hung out and played some frisbee in the dark, and played cards.

Day 5 – 5/4/18

My first class was at 8:15 and I woke up to my roommate coming into my room at 8:15, I jumped up and ran to my first class. I can’t believe I missed breakfast, that’s the second time. By the end of the day, I am always very tired, even though at home I do twice as much stuff and I’m not nearly as tired. I think it is because it is very hot here, food is only 4 times a day and I don’t use nearly as much technology us at home. I didn’t have creative writing today, but my history class was really interesting. One thing different about Putney then Bush is everybody swears like in class a student or a teacher will just casually let one loose to further prove their point. Lacrosse was good, I’ve never played a sport where I need a helmet, I don’t particularly like the helmet part because it is a bit stifling. I played a lot of indoor soccer throughout the day, it was a lot of fun. Today was my day off of barn duty it was quite refreshing.