Day 9 of school

Today was an all around great day. Day before a Friday. I had a lot fun today, just during free periods playing cards with people. Im terrible at the game, but the people I was playing with taught me well. Today we had a very important assembly about addiction, where multiple people spoke about their experiences. This was a very deep and emotional conversation and made me think about a lot of my own experiences in regards to the topic. After the assembly we had lunch, I also had a free after lunch so a lot of my time was spent relaxing. My last class of the day was a class called media studies, where we study and make documentaries and learn about media. Its one of my most interesting classes that i’ve enjoyed alot. After school we had practice. While at the practice I was invited to go on a run with the girls long distance track runners. That was a very interesting time and luckily i’m still in pretty good shape so I was up for it. It was nice to talk to some new people while on the run and I actually had a lot of fun. Then after practice we went home and had dinner. After dinner me and one of my homestay sisters Lindsey, went to Target to buy food for the lacrosse team. After Target we went home and then I was feeling super tired so I went to sleep.

Day 8 of school

Wednesdays are the days when we have night classes, so these days are always really long. We also had assembly, where we got to get a preview of the 9th grade musical. I was also going to be watching the entire play later that night for my class. After the preview we had lunch. After lunch I had science and history, then three frees. The lacrosse team had a game after school so I also went to that. The team lost pretty bad, but it was still a good game to watch though. After the game we went and got pizza before our classes. For the class we watched the entirety of the play, then after the play we got a ride home. I went to sleep basically as soon as we got home since it was pretty late and I was feeling tired.

Day 7 of school

I start my Tuesdays off with a free thankfully. I was feeling good today thanks to a good amount of sleep the night before. This was another fast day. It really seems like time just flies while i’m out of routine. I think its just the novelty of everything that makes myself unhinged from time itself. Today was a pretty routine day with it being school and then practice. Luckily, once again I had no homework so I was able to have fun all day. After practice we went home and had dinner. After dinner I stayed up for a little bit, but then I started getting bored so I went to bed. That was a good idea because wednesday was going to be a very long day for me.

Day 6 of school

Today was a normal day of classes, where nothing out of the ordinary happened. Mondays are the days where I have no frees. I was hoping for the school day to go by fast as possible because there was a lacrosse game at the end of the day. I was excited for the lacrosse game because they were playing a team they would easily be able to beat. Since I had been here they had been on a losing streak, so it would be nice to see them win. Once the school day was over it was time for the game. The team ended up winning the game 17-3. After the game we went home for dinner. After dinner I realized I had no homework so I went to bed early for some extra energy for Tuesday.

Weekend part 2

Today I slept in even later than saturday, I got up and out of my room around 10:30. We didn’t have too much planned for today since this was a big homework day for everyone. One of the homestay sisters made a really good breakfast with pancakes and bacon. That was a really nice way to start my day. This was a really low key day spent watching tv and doing homework. I also did laundry. We went out the house once to get starbucks and a get a caffeine boost. This day also went by really fast. Before I knew it, it was already 7:00 and time for dinner. Dinner was really good, it was lamb chops, salad, and roasted tomatoes. After dinner I relaxed more until it was time to get ready for bed. Overall it was a really nice weekend where I got to meet a lot of new people.

Weekend part 1

I slept in a lil while and woke up around 9. I got some breakfast and coffee and had a good talk with their dad for a little bit. We talked about art and things. This was the day we were going to the city to explore. At around 12:30 we took a train downtown to meet some friends. Once we got downtown we went and got mac’n cheese, which was pretty good. After we got food we went to the Franklin institute, which is an interactive museum. After the museum we took the train back home. About an hour later we went out to the movies then back home to meet more people and chill. This time around I stayed up pretty late. But eventually I got really tired and of course, I went to sleep.

Day 5 of school

Finally a friday had arrived. Definitely the rainiest day of the week so far. We had plans to to a Phillies game, but it seemed like that was not going to be happening. I was surprised by how fast the week had gone by already. I had three classes to start the day before an early lunch. The entire day went by pretty fast. We had practice after school again and after practice we went out to dinner. After dinner we went back home with some people and just chilled for a little bit. After that we went out to get ice cream and after we got ice cream we went back home with the same people. I eventually got super tired and went to sleep.

Day 4 of school

Today was a good return to normal classes at school after the long math day. I had math first and realized they were very ahead of me so that wasn’t the best situation to be in, but it was nice to just sit and relax there. I had photography after that, which was pretty fun. Taking pictures is always fun and plus it was still sunny out. After that we had an all highschool meeting of silence for 45 minutes. I obviously fell asleep for the entire time, but we were sitting in the middle of every basically so that was interesting. After that we had lunch. Lunch was good per usual. I had two classes after that; economy and media studies. After that it was time to go to another game. The game was a non-league game, but it was still a pretty close loss. After the game we got vietnamese food, which was really good. I decided to go to bed extra early that night since I had no homework and wanted to have a lot of energy for friday. So overall it was another good day and left me excited to be energized or Friday.

Day 3 of school

Today we had to wake up very early for an event that happens once a year at this school. The event is called math day. People are split up into groups and have to go into the downtown to do math related questions using the terrain of downtown. I was especially excited for this day because I had yet to explore downtown Philly in any way. As soon as we left school on the buses I fell asleep. Luckily the ride was about a half hour so I got plenty of rest. We got dropped off downtown and immediately got to work on exploring. We did a lot of walking and luckily the sun was out so i got to work on getting my complexion back a little bit more. We stopped to get lunch at a place that had many really good restaurants. The place was a popular place called “Reading Terminal”. I got a burrito there and it was very tasty. After the massive field trip the day was still not over as I still had to go to practice. Practice was fun as usual. After practice we still had night classes. These classes happen once a week and go for 2 and a half hours. Before class we got Cheesesteaks, which was very interesting because I had never had one before so it was nice to finally have one. The night class we had was an english class focused around speech. After the class was over we went home and I went straight to bed because I was feeling super tired. So overall once again it was a very successful day.

Day 2 of school

This was the day I finally started to understand how GFS worked. I finally knew where all of my classes were and generally where to go majority of the time. This was all the day where I developed a routine around waking up and getting out the house and everything involved with that. I was supposed to go on a field trip with my science class, but since there was an away lacrosse game I was unable to attend that field trip. I was fine with that because for the field trip we were supposed to go to a farm and I honestly did not want to do that. Throughout the day I went to my normal classes and did the whole school thing, which was interesting as always 😉
Then we were dismissed at 2pm for the away game. GFS was playing one of their top rivals so it was supposed to be a really good game. When we all got to the field I was assigned the task with filming the game so the team could use the footage to recap and everything. GFs ended up losing the game by a lot. It was a tough game because they had just recently lost their best player to a broken leg. After the game we came home and had a really good dinner. I also finally had a little bit of homework to do, which I finished in about 20 minutes. Then after that I went to bed because I had a very long day ahead of me. Overall it was a very successful second day of school.