Jersey Dinners

When I first arrived the first thing I did was go to the Sumerset Diner… So it seems only fitting that the last thing I do is go to a diner as well.

Diner are a wonderful beautiful thing and I’m sad we don’t have more of them on the west coast. Thats one of the only things that RPS students said would hold them back from moving to the west coast…. the lack of diners. †hey are packed full of omelets, all kinds of french toast and waffles, ladkahs, different sorts of Benedicts, burnt coffee and  sweet juices. Even just talking about it now is making my stomach growl and my heart miss Jersey.

Oh one thing I am very excited about is the prospects of my friends form Jersey doing the network program and coming to Bush!!! I miss them all so much and it would be great to show them around my city after them showing me around theirs.

Last Night

Last edited by tenzin.crowley on May 15, 2016 at 4:32 pmFor my last night In New Jersey all of my new friends surprised me with a going away party. The first thing we did was go bowling. I haven’t gone blowing in so long and although I bowled an absolutely horrible score no one teased me. Every time I threw a gutter ball they would all cheer and high five me and support me. Sean was trying to do trick shots and Haley threw every ball like a “grandma with a broken hip”.
After bowling we all went and got food. This is when I discovered my favorite part of New jersey…. their Bollywood music station. And they don’t just have one…. they have like 6. We were all dancing to crazy Bollywood music in awful New Jersey traffic.
Im so sad to leave…. Everyone is teasing saying that I should just transfer next year haha…. i honestly wish that was an option


Here at RPS prom week is approaching. The anticipation is clearly building as proposals  happen daily and the prom committee (which all of my new friends are part of) frantically plan every aspect. Although Prom is a big deal back home it doesn’t feel the same. Here the two things I’ve heard most of are AP’s and Prom. I find it interesting how something so huge at one school is simply something ordinary at another.

Part of me wishes that Prom was a little more the stereotypical experience with the Prom King and Queen like how they have at Rutgers. But when ever I think this I remember that the reason why I love Bush is because it does break the mold. Although Bush is small we shine in our individuality. It has a special light that I’ve never seen anywhere else and Im going to miss that when I graduate.


The sun finale came out today in Woodbridge New Jersey. For the entirety of my trip its been stereotypical Seattle weather: grey, cold, kinda rainy. But I have to say that the sun really does brighten everyones day. On campus teachers and students seem happier, the campus lighter and brighter and the world just seems to smile.

Although I already found New Jersey to be beautiful this wonderful weather has aloud me to see the true beauty of Rutgers Prep.

Because of the sun we were able toe at outside on the large sprawling quad that reminds me of the Upper school lawn or middle school court yard. On the turf felid students played ultimate frisbee and threw lacrosse balls. It was such a wonderful blend of homey familiarity and exciting new experiences brightened my day.


Today was the St. Matheus Carnival in Woodbridge New Jersey. It was fully equip with funnel cake, rides and a host of small screaming children. I went with my new friends Holly, Sierra, and Alexia. The event happens every year and its used to raise money for the church.

At the faire there was a host of different rides. One that spun you, one that dropped you, one that spun you backwards (!) and we of course tried all of them. The highlight of my entire night was stumbling off the “Danger Zone” too dizzy to walk straight and tripping over our own legs as we ran to our next adventure.

Although we do have fairs and parties similar to this Ive never been to something exactly like it. It was new and interesting and exciting! Its moments like this that I am going to miss after my final week here.


The hardest part about traveling is staying healthy and remaining connected to the place your visiting while home continues on without you. I have experienced both of these difficulties here while visiting Rutgers Prep.

I have attempted to remain present and so far I believe I have done a good job. But now that my two weeks are coming to close all of the things Im expected to have finished by the time I get home are making it harder to remain fully part of the new Jersey community. Im not worried about completing everything Im just worried about missing something here.

I think this amp is an odd combination or being a student in two schools. I’ve loved learning and living with my New Jersey friends and family but through all of this I am still a Bush student who is checking the Bush portal to see what work Im suppose to have completed before I return home. Any thoughts or ideas?

Also on the note o remaining healthy I’ve done a pretty good job with that until this morning when i woke up with a head cold. Hopefully it will pass because the weather is just finally getting nice!

5k for Cancer

Tonight was the Night Nations Run in Woodbridge New Jersey. Its a 5k run where all the proceeds go to standing up against cancer with a dance party at the end.
I went with my new found friends Hannah, Alexia, Jack, Halley, and Maddie.

I hadn’t competed in a 5k since ski season.Originally I was very scared to start the race but once I started all those fears dissolved. Not only were all my friends incredible supportive of each other but fellow runners were high fiving each other.

While  running their were various live dj’s playing sets to pump you up and get you to the main stage where Kill Joy was preforming. I had never heard any of these songs before and although I don’t really listen to techo dance “jams” it was more about the experience. Also the fact that they raised over 390,000 dollars for finding a cure for cancer was incredible impressive and cool.

I have truly felt part of a whole here in New Jersey. Whether thats through my kind host family, the Rutgers Community or the Night Nation an impact is being made on me and Im excited to see how that will progress through my final week here.

IMG_5967 IMG_0220

Mothers Day

Today was the first mothers day I’ve been without with the wonderful women who birthed me. And although I missed my family and our usual traditions forming my own with the Kalista’s have been equally exciting.
Normally back home I would wake up early in order to make my mom breakfast with my little brother. Instead I woke up in a dog pile of teenagers passed out from out 5k and dance party which had happened the night before. After breakfast I called my mom and wished her a happy mothers day. Once returning back to my homestay I helped the Kalista’s with cooking for their massive mothers day brunch with friends Sandy and Dave.
The Kalista’s have done a wonderful job of incorporating me into their family. Sandy often refers to me as her 6th daughter (she has 3 biological ones and 2 other exchange ones). Its honestly been more then I could of asked for and I am so thankful for the time and energy they have invested into my stay.

250 years of excellence

This year Rutgers Prep is celebrating its 250th year of excellence. My minds is constantly blown when I remember that the institution I am a part of is older then the country’s soil it lies on. As you walk through campus one can feel a sense of pride for their beloved Argonauts. Also the sense of community is one that rivals Bush. Although the two institutions do differ in various ways they share a common core. Academic excellence, community, and experience are all pivotal parts of the Rutger’s and Bush’s mission.

But even through their similarities it is the differences where I love them the most. For example: the various teaching methods, the student faculty relationships, the different ways the find community, and over all the experience which each one provides. Rutgers although fairly liberal for the east coast posses much higher standard of dress and student faculty relationships then at Bush. To explain we don’t have a dress code at Bush and unlike at Rutgers I call all my teachers by their first names. I think their are pros and cons to both. Although I do enjoy being friends with my teachers and them knowing me not only as a student but also as a person, I do think that the work like relationship that RPS students have with their teachers prepare you better for a work place.

I have such love for both of these wonderful places and will be sad to leave Rutgers in the coming week.

(If you count, this is exactly 250 words!)


So far….

So far my time at Rutgers has been a very memorable one. It honestly feels as if I’ve known everyone here for my entire life. The campus feels right and the friends I’m making feel like ones for life. Even through AP weeks students have been eager to talk and show me around their beautiful school and for this Im very grateful.

Upon arriving I was instantly struck with how similar Bush and RPS are. Although Bush is much more liberal and provides its students with a much more free learning environment the similarities between teaching styles, expectations and community are apparent. I am excited to continue exploring this new place as I head into the weekend and another week of school.