Jet Lagged yet Excited – Day 2

Tuesday, March 24, 2016

I admit it, I suffer from wanderlust. Traveling can be so luxurious, romantic, dreamy; I’ve spent more than one short, cold, grey winter day in Seattle dreaming of Paris.  Whelp, that’s hardly the part of the trip we are at.  We are dragging ourselves, step by step up a steep jet lag hill.  I always forget to dream about the seats that barely recline.

Most students didn’t sleep more than a few hours on the flight; yet were hyper as we were on the private transfer from the airport to the hotel – giggles all around.  Riding that energy rush, instead of spending much time at the hotel, we reorganized and dove into the subway in order to get to the Arch de Triomphe in under an hour.   Down there, it was a fun and fast paced, dynamic, learning curve with obvious Paris regulars rushing up and down stairs, in out out of the doors, trying to edge their way around fifteen Americans, with puffy eyes.  Fatigue, swollen feet, stale air hair smell aside, this moment was a gem:

Day 2 - Arch de Triomphe

Taking a moment to reflect.

They sat there for twenty minutes, engaged, thoughtful, more inspired to get something down on paper than ever.  Mostly, I wish I could see what they wrote!

Currently, students are resting in their rooms, but not sleeping.  Time for me to do the same.  Ciao for now.

by jillian nicks