K-12 Engagement in the Upper School

Dear Bush Upper School Community,

As we know, Bush is the only K-12 school on one campus in Seattle. As a school we hold the tremendous charge to contribute to the formation of human beings who will someday have before them the opportunity to engage a world that will require creative, socially just, and empathetic solutions to big and small problems. The assumption embedded in this endeavor is that students will be compelled to make a difference with their intellect and resources. The Upper School continues the intentional work that the Lower and Middle School divisions began with an eye towards helping students develop vision for moments that will seem unfair, unjust, or flat out wrong.

Now, we are not preparing students to be societal police, instead, we are preparing them to lead. Bush students demonstrate leadership in ways that are important to them as individuals and as part of a larger community. Whether it is an academic mentoring group spearheaded by an Upper School student, or a student club focusing on religious discussion, environmental sustainability, or societal issues facing women, Bush Upper School students find it necessary to lean into matters that warrant critical thought, compassion, and sound reasoning.

Another meaningful area of Upper School student leadership is the annual Fall Festival. This is an opportunity for Upper School students to lead community building and engage Lower and Middle School students in an afternoon of school spirt, games, and celebration. At Fall Festival, a Senior who completes a puzzle with a Kindergarten student on the floor has a new friend for life. Moments like these impact how our younger students experience a sense of belonging and make connections that can even last lifetime. This year’s Fall Festival takes place on Thursday, October 12, and will be a dynamic afternoon full of laughter, high fives, creativity, and most of all school spirit.

As we settle into the rhythm of the fall term, I invite you to think about the Upper School’s unique role in a K-12 school. The intersection of Lower, Middle, and Upper School students spark genuine feelings of community, belonging, and purpose. The Upper School takes very seriously the reality that high school is the last stop in our current students’ journey towards developing their Truth, Beauty, and Purpose.


See you around campus,

Ray Wilson

Upper School Director

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